Cowgirl Rainboots!

Cowgirl Rain Boots

So far this year, I have spent about three weeks in Texas so I’m feeling a strong southern influence lately. I really wanted actual cowboy boots but I didn’t think I’d wear them too often in NYC. Rainboots, however, are always a good idea (unless of course it isn’t actually raining).

Anyway, thought I’d share them with “y’all.” I got mine as a birthday gift from my grandparents – thanks Nan & Grandpa! But they are currently on sale!

Cowboy Rainboots | The J. Peterman Company

& I know, I love them too. :)

3 Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

Instagram Likes

When I first created my Instagram account, I used it to measure social media strategies and trends so that I would eventually be able to work as a digital marketing specialist.

In the beginning, everything I posted – the good, the bad, and the random was used to measure how people react and engage on social media. I tried different types of posts on different days and times, and then recorded the results in an excel spreadsheet.

While the results were not groundbreaking, I was able to pinpoint some definite actions that led to an increase in “likes”…

 1. Quality Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take quality photos. I won’t go into technical details today but when you take a picture, think about what other people will think and feel when they see it. Is it too blurry? Is it something they can relate to? Would you like the picture if someone else had taken it?

2. Commenting On Other Accounts

Leaving a comment on other people’s photos almost always leads them back to your account. Many users will leave generic comments such as “great shot!” but leaving a genuine comment that relates to the photo is much more effective.

 3. #Hashtags

When your account is set to public, hashtags allow you to reach an audience that isn’t already following you. When you add a hashtag, your post is then grouped with every other photo with that same tag. So if I am dreaming about going to the beach, I will get lost in the #beach group and will like a bunch of strangers’ photos. Is that weird? I know I’m not the only one who does this.

Another great thing about hashtags is that if a person or company is trying to find an instragrammer in their niche, they might look through a specific # such as the #ootd or #travelblogger categories. This is how many companies will find bloggers and instragrammers to work with, so if you are looking for sponsors, definitely brush up on your hashtag game.

Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments!



Food: Orange and Pecan Salad

Orange and Pecan Salad

Summer is (almost) here which means, salad season for me! I have salad all year round but I find myself doing a lot more experimenting in the summer – especially on hot days when I don’t feel like using the stove. Anyway, this is a quick, refreshing salad that is great for summer nights.


DIY: “Foods Before Dudes” Canvas Grocery Bag

DIY Grocery Bags

Now that NYC is charging for plastic bags at grocery stores, I will be bringing my own! For a while, I had been using the reusable plastic bags that you can buy at the checkout counter. I didn’t mind this option until recently, when a handle broke off and I found myself chasing an orange into the street. Not cool.

To avoid future occurrences, I decided to invest in canvas bags which of course, I just had to decorate. I purchased everything I needed for this project at Michaels but I’m sure you can find this stuff online or at any craft store.

I was initially going to use canvas paint and brushes but then I decided fabric markers would leave less of a mess. As for the letters, I used stencils but if you are good at free hand, go for it!

You will need: (more…)

Beauty: DIY Body Scrub


I have a friend who is really into essential oils. She was always asking if I had ever used any and I hadn’t, so out of curiosity, I ordered some samples. The samples sat around for for a few months until I finally decided to make body scrubs.

The first one I made was with sugar and although it did work as an exfoliator- I just didn’t love the sugar part. As most of you know, I have a puppy who is almost 7 months old and I love him but…. I don’t love when he licks my legs nonstop. So the sugar scrub did not work out for me.


Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

Quinoa Recipe

As a part-time vegetarian (if that isn’t already a thing, well now it is!) I try to eat mainly plant based meals.  One staple in my diet is Quinoa. If you aren’t familiar with it- Quinoa is considered a “superfood” as it is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids.

Since it has been a part of my diet for years now, I don’t really think about “recipes”- normally I just throw a bunch of vegetables in and mix it up. However, someone on Instagram had asked for a quinoa recipe so today I decided I would post one of my all time favorites – Quinoa Tabbouleh.

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese Dish that is typically made with Bulgur- a cracked whole wheat grain. The only difference in this non-traditional dish if of course, substituting quinoa for bulgur. Most recipes for Tabbouleh are very similar and can usually be found on the backs of the bags of quinoa or bulgur.

Anyway, here it is…


Easy Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

This is a simple garlic bread recipe to accompany any pasta dish- or I guess for whenever you are in the mood for garlic bread! I got this from my mom who said she got it from a restaurant she worked at in high school, so we have been using it for quite a while. This can be adjusted if you are making more or less bread but the key is that you use equal parts of olive oil and butter.


Food: Spaghetti & Clam Sauce For Two

Spaghetti and Clam Sauce

This a really simple recipe that is perfect for when you are too busy to make a complicated dinner. It isn’t really “traditional cooking” because you’re not making anything from scratch, but it is a delicious, quick meal idea that I thought you might enjoy.